[rod010] Laptop Kid - 4 Shades of Medusa

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Despite what the moniker suggests, Laptop Kid is no newcomer on the electronic scene.

Over the last twenty years we have seen him work on a number of EPs and albums - often distributed for free on his website or lately on his bandcamp page - under several pseudonyms that allowed him to explore a very wide range of styles.

We had been talking for some time about resurrecting Rodoid to give some of his most recent work the exposure it deserved when he submitted a four track EP that we instantly recognized as the next recording we wanted to release.

We were impressed from the first listening, as it sounded very clear to us that the countless influences that had so far been compartmentalized in a plethora of different projects had eventually been digested and carefully combined into a very personal and coherent musical aesthetic.

The initial four tracker was later expanded into a full album, and we are very proud to present you the first LP ever released on Rodoid.

Over the course of a forty-minute ocean themed journey, Laptop Kid leads us through carefully crafted electronic landscapes where experimental beats meet ethereal atmospheres, and where glitchy textures coexist alongside organic elements as well as the occasional obscure film sample.

The opposites frequently collide in the most beautiful manner, and despite the abundance of influences at work, the album flows seamlessy, delivering a mature and coherent artistic vision.

Enjoy the ride, and come back craving for more.

Release date: October 31st, 2021


Coverart by MNBLK based on a series of 4 photographs by Laptop Kid