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Blue Vitriol | Rodoid Netlabel | Artist

Blue Vitriol

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Blue Vitriol's Josh S. and Jacob Z. have been making music together for the better part of a decade. They have explored many styles, always trying to coax new sounds from out of the digital ether. Some of their work can be downloaded from Project168 or Jahtari, and they don't hesitate to get involved in collaborative projects such as the Exquisite Corpse.


Full-time medical transcriptionist and spare-time musician, choenyi has already made himself quite a reputation on respected netlabels such as Yuki Yaki, Random Access Recordings, Miniatura, Kreislauf and Underlabel. He started DJing in 1996 and began recording electronic textures in 1999. His early works were based on psychoacoustic theory and inspired by the likes of Hudak and Wollscheid amongst others. Years later came more beat-oriented tracks, often reincorporating the older works, resulting in a fine combination of experimental textures and dancefloor elements.

choenyi sadly passed away on September 4th, 2013.

choenyi @

CK Two | Rodoid Netlabel | Artist

CK Two

CK Two is a German artist producing dancefloor techno with an experimental edge. After releasing an excellent ep on Cupido Records, he offers us his Sub Noises EP in which the efficiency of the beats contrasts with the coldness of twisted audio textures. Influenced by Depeche Mode, Rechenzentrum, Scorn as well as the cream of the minimal scene, he multiplies releases, and we are really looking forward to hearing his upcoming appearances on Insectorama et Idealtechno netlabels.

CK Two @


"Saint Gilles, November 2004
I wanted to be a rockstar, make love with Jane Birkin, burn my guitars and refuse to play the Olympia... and here I am, alone in front of my screen, trying to make my MIDI playback sound right.
Damn, I move, cut, destroy and interleave all those blocks of sound that crawl, suffer and express themselves: a real mess.
From now on, cZarneKci is not a crisps brand. It is this very mess that I attempt to organise. No sweat, no cocaine... just DIY-audio."

cZarneKci | Rodoid Netlabel | Artist
CK Two | Rodoid Netlabel | Artist


Juan Cristóbal Saavedra is a chilean producer based in Barcelona. At the beginning of 2001 he travels to Berlin where he works on the composition of the tracks that will make his first album. He also works as a dj at the legendary Berlin Club Tacheles. In 2004 he leaves for Barcelona where he creates the artistic collective Dpendiente and works on lots of musical projects such as Equipo, Pikap, Auditorio & Beagle.
After a number of excellent releases on Pueblonuevo, Equipo offers us a brilliant EP combining minimal organic beats and subtle melodies. A pleasant trip through electronica, dub and ambient territories.


Etruscan aka Ben Cummings is based in Manchester, UK, and produces IDM, breakcore, breakbeat, illbient, and experimental music.
He is greatly inspired by electronic artists such as Aphex Twin, Venetian Snares, Richard Devine, Shitmat, Scorn and Techno Animal, as well as dark and abrasive music in general including black metal and grindcore.
His music is dark in atmosphere, and he enjoys breakbeat butchery as well as creating precise, abstract rhythmical sounds.

Etruscan @

Etruscan | Ben Cummings | Rodoid Netlabel | Artist
Humeka | Rodoid Netlabel | Artist


"...nothing is less sure than the result. I've never been able to say I want to end up there. On the other hand I can say what I like or what I dislike. So when I leave, my tastes are marking out the way.
What you finally hear is nothing else than a pile of sounds I like, harmonies fitting each other, according to my tastes of course. So what am I really? A selector? A composer?
Strangely enough, I regularly end up asking myself if the music is coming from me or through me. Do you know?"


Inodore is a young French artist from Orleans producing experimental electronica with both powerful and complex rhythms and fresh melodies. He attempts to break free of style constraints and only follows his creative impulses.

Inodore @

James Taylor

James Taylor is half of the British duo Swayzak, responsible for 5 albums of deep and groovy minimal sound. He also produces music on his own, and released his first solo album "Carthage Milk" in 2005.

James Taylor @


Kaneda is a French artist producing electronic music under a number of different aliases such as KND, Kaneda aka Tetsuoka, Ernest Shakleton Big Band Orchestra, Moineau...
Besides his addiction to the good old MC303, he samples nearly anything at hand and creates music out of all the everyday things one normally never pays attention to.
Kaneda has a generous conception of music and regularly gets involved in collective projects in which he can share his sound with like-minded artists.

Kaneda | Rodoid Netlabel | Artist
Molair | Laurent Bernonville | Thierry Mbaye | Rodoid Netlabel | Artist


Molair is a laptop duet from Lille composed of Laurent Bernonville and Thierry Mbaye. Known under the moniker of Bern with his releases on Traum, Trapez limited, and Toys for Boys, but also a number of netreleases on Sinergy Networks or Thinner, Laurent Bernonville is researching more experimental perspectives with Thierry Mbaye.
Whatever we call it, Molair's music feeds itself from design, architecture, digital environnement, and an ancestral pulsation, probably due to Thierry Mbaye's Gabonese origins.

Molair @


Monopole aka Richard Sudney is an American artist creating electronic music out of field recordings that he took while roaming around empty factories and abandoned buildings around the city of Detroit.
Inside of his basement, surrounded by various old analog electronics and antique vacuum tube communication equipment, Monopole dabbles around with manipulating micro samples by ways of using home built audio processors and freely accessible computer programs.
As a person that has grown up in such a prolific electronic music city, you would think that he is heavily influenced by that music scene, well think again. Monopole's influences range from 1920's and 30's bigband jazz to orchestral music, although he is no stranger to minimal, ambient and Detroit techno.
Huddled in his dark basement, Monopole will remain. Figuring out new ways to make normal everyday sounds into abnormal wonderful sounds.

Monopole @

Monopole | Richard Sudney | Rodoid netlabel | Artist
Nurb | Monoblok | Yann Aubertot | Rodoid Netlabel | Artist


Nurb is a former alias of french electronic music producer Yann Aubertot, who later produced material under the name Monoblok, after releasing an album on Signal Zero netlabel, as well as a track on the first Rodoid compilation.

Nurb @
Nurb "Neurotoxique" album


Phortran is Tom Dinchak from Phoenix, Arizona, a self taught bedroom musician specializing in idm-foolery and jazzy ambience. For the better half of his life and under a number of aliases, he has been manipulating computers and electronic devices to create uniquely fresh sound experiences.
With a number of internet releases and a full length on ivdt, not to mention the netlabel he maintains, local shows he performs at and helps organize, real-time visuals he creates, software and websites he authors, electronic devices he modifies, day job he inconspicuously attends, and social life he tries to maintain, Phortran is definitely a busy man.

Phortran | Tom Dinchak | Rodoid Netlabel | Artist
Salenico | Nicolas Godeau | Rodoid Netlabel | Artist


Nicolas Godeau aka Salenico is a sound designer. He is also the man behind the machines in the the electro liveact Katalog.


Trigerfinger was created at the end of 2008 in Thessaloniki (Greece) by two brothers, Christos and Fotis Papadakis.
The abstract figures in visual arts that Christos had in mind are trying to transform into minimal sounds that Fotis had dreamed.
Mainly influenced by the ideas and texts of Dadaism, randomness and spontaneity are the key ingredients in building their music.
If contemporary minimal electronic music is a language, Trigerfinger are trying to mold their own words.

Trigerfinger @