[rod009] choenyi - Translucent Pink EP

Rodoid 009 | choenyi - Translucent Pink EP

Download the release in a zip file:
rod009.zip (41mb - mp3 + cover)  

or visit the release page @ archive.org

choenyi is back on Rodoid and we are glad to start the year 2010 with this excellent Translucent Pink EP, in which choenyi pushes the experiments he started in his previous instalment a little further.

The 4 carefully crafted tracks that constitute the EP leave a profound impression of unsteady balance. Heavily processed electronic textures get tangled and then gently slip out of sync, while minimal beats are manipulated into complex rythmic patterns, resulting in a strange, psychedelic and exquisitely confusing masterpiece.

Release date: February 16th, 2010


Coverart by MNBLK