[rod001] VA - Arteradio Remixed Compilation

Rodoid 001 | Various Artists - Arteradio Remixed Compilation

Download the release in a zip file:
rod001.zip (80mb | mp3 + cover)

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As part of the second edition of the Paysages-Electroniques festival, rodoid.org carried a "remix" project that fitted in the festival's thematic - Creative Commons / Connect, Cut & Create - in collaboration with the online radio Arteradio.

A number of local, national and international artists were provided with a selection of 20 mp3 files from arteradio.com for them to choose from and use as the base material for a track, without using any external sound source.

Artists were encouraged to cut and paste, reorder and tweak the original sound material until they managed to overcome the constraint and create an original and personal track.

The resulting works were presented from 10th to 14th May 2006 at the Arteradio listening lounge established in an ancient chapel in Lille, France.

Release date: May 2006


01 Blue Vitriol - Salton Sea

[original sound: Bip]
by Guillaume Ollendorf

02 cZarneKci - Pekin6

[original sound: Nouveau Pékin]
by Marie-Hélène Bernard

03 Etruscan - Whiphand

[original sound: Ping]
by Thomas Guillaud Bataille

04 Inodore - Mean Green Smackdown Aliens

[original sound: Enlevé!]
by le collectif Résiste

05 James Taylor - Lance Mountain

[original sound: Skate]
by Charlie Marcelet

06 Kaneda - Chants Magnetiques

[original sound: Chants Magnétiques]
by Mathieu Crocq

07 Molair - Strip Tease remix

[original sound: Strip-tease]
by Jérémi Nureni Banafunzi

08 Nurb - Melodies Suburbaines

[original sound: Métro Tokyo]
by Mehdi Ahoudig

09 Phortran - Freejazz Freakout

[original sound: Ballade à Montréal]
by Cédric Chabuel

10 Salenico - Yaourtine

[original sound: Chanson yaourt]
by Stéphane Collin

Coverart by Komabox based on photographs by Frédéric Iovino.